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Director of Religious Education

The position of Director of Religious Education (DRE) is a full-time, 12 months a year position. The Director of Religious Education must be a practicing Catholic, in good standing with the Church.  Additionally, he/she is a person of prayer who is committed to the authentic teaching of the Catholic faith.
The Director of Religious Education reports directly to the pastor. As a member of the parish staff, the Director of Religious Education works with other staff members to foster and maintain a working environment where worship, prayer, hospitality, and learning are the primary motivators.  The Director of Religious Education is a professional catechetical leader who assists adolescents and children of the parish in their faith formation.  The responsibilities of the Director of Religious Education include, but are not limited to:
1. Parish Religious Education Program
The primary responsibility of the Director of Religious Education is to administer (design, develop, direct, communicate and evaluate) the Parish Religious Education Program for the approximately 600 parish children who attend public or non-Catholic private schools. He/She:
-       oversees the development of the Parish Religious Education Program from First Grade through Eighth Grade, in conformity with the guidelines of the Archdiocese of Detroit
-       schedules faith formation opportunities for children and parents within the Religious Education Program calendar
-       provides access and inclusion for children with special learning needs
-       coordinates the initiation process for unbaptized children and/or children baptized validly in another ecclesial community with the pastor
-       researches and requisitions resources (AV, textbooks, liturgy materials, reference works, etc.) which complement the religious education efforts in the parish
-       ensures that the Safe Environment requirements, policies, and mandates for Parish Religious Education volunteers are in compliance with the Office of Safe Environments
-       meets with pastor routinely to discuss matters relating to the parish religious education and sacramental preparation, implements Archdiocesan policies and procedures per the directives from the Office for Evangelization and Catechesis, ensures that the Religious Education Program’s schedule of classes and activities are coordinated during the staff calendar planning process and monthly pastoral staff meetings
-       develops/updates and distributes the Parish Religious Education Program handbook for catechists and the Parish Religious Education handbook for parents./guardians on an annual basis
-       encourages Parish Religious Education catechists to obtain Catechetical Certification according to the policy set by the Office for Evangelization and Catechesis
-       recruits, orients and provides ongoing professional training and spiritual development for the Parish Religious Education catechists  
-       oversees budget for all expenses related to the Parish Religious Education Program. Follows the budgetary procedures as set by the pastor
-       supervises Religious Education staff members (which currently includes a full time Administrative Assistant, and a part-time Section Head)
-       works closely with Parish Youth Minister.
2. Sacramental Program
The Director of Religious Education oversees the coordination and sacramental preparation of parish school-age candidates who attend the Parish Religious Education Program. He/she:
-       schedules at the pastor’s directives dates for First Penance, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation
-       schedules and coordinates the sacramental meetings for parents of school-age candidates for the Sacraments of First Penance, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation
-       schedules, coordinates and prepares retreat days for students preparing for First Communion and Confirmation and their parents
-       creates and oversees catechetical plans for older baptized Catholic children who seek the reception of First Penance and /or First Holy Communion. 

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant (Admin) is the face and voice of a CFCS location–often, the very first person that a family member will see or talk to–and is responsible for making a good first impression when greeting walks-in or answering inbound calls. 

The Admin is a multitasking position and is an important resource for making things happen and making things run smoothly. The Admin will have a working knowledge of the cemetery and/or funeral center operations, processes, and procedures. 

Administrative Assistants/Receptionists will demonstrate by example, CFCS’ Core Values–Share the Journey, Serve with Care, and Make It Happen–in all their dealings with families, staff, and internal/external contacts. 

The Admin, reporting to the Location Manager, interacts with internal departments and location staff, individuals and families, and other external service providers. 

The Admin position at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery will be responsible for supporting the operations of the front desk and other office staff. Duties may include but are not limited to:
·         Answering incoming phone calls and answering generic cemetery questions, or transfer accordingly.
·         Maintain on-duty rotation, and burial rotation
·         Welcome and assist families walking in. Provide maps, directions, and any other assistance they may need
·         Create family files
·         Pull out family files or lot cards for marker specialist, or FSA
·         File lot cards and family files
·         File contracts
·         Ensure copies are available of all forms in the FSA room
·         Type lot cards
·         Verify money
·         Set up/clean up and special events
·         Any other duties as assigned by the manager

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Regarding Msgr Arthur Michael Karey


Monsignor Arthur Michael Carey (1918–1993). Ordained in 1943. Decades after his death, allegations of sexual abuse of minors were brought forward to the Archdiocesan Board of Review, considered, and are believed to be credible

Parish assignments included serving as associate pastor at St. Francis Xavier, Ecorse; St. Lawrence, Detroit; St. John the Evangelist, Detroit, and as pastor at St. Joseph, Lake Orion, Christ the King, Detroit; and St. Aloysius, Detroit.

The Archdiocese of Detroit places no deadlines or time limits on reporting the sexual abuse of minors by priests, deacons, and other personnel and/or to speak to the Victim Assistance Coordinator c/o (866) 343-8055 or

Shrine Catholic High School Chemistry teacher

Shrine Catholic High School is seeking a full-time  Chemistry   Teacher  for the 2018-19 school year.  Start date is Tuesday, August 21st 2018.  The classes include Forensic Science, Intro to  Chemistry Chemistry , Honors  Chemistry , Bacteriology, AP Chemistry.

Shrine Catholic High School and Academy is an accredited college preparatory high school and junior high, and serves a coed population of approximately 350 students.  It is located at 3500 W. Thirteen Mile, Royal Oak, MI. 48073

Director of Religious Education/Faith Formation

This is a full-time position that reports directly and is accountable to the pastor.  Directs and leads the entire faith formation department and programs.  Coordinates sacramental preparation programs,supervision of the RCIA program, Liturgy of the Word for children for weekend masses, and summer vacation bible school.  Acts as a resource for parish programs and catechesis, develops programs and budgets, plans and holds regular meetings with catechetical staff and provides training and support.  Gives direction and vision for catechesis in the parish within age groups designated by the pastor (children, youth, young adults and adult faith formation).  Provides training for Protecting God's Children and Called to Serve programs as required by the AOD.  Responsible for recruitment and formation of catechists in accordance with AOD policies.  Works collaboratively with the pastor in this area of ministry within the Church following Parish and Archdiocesan policies and guidelines.  Attends appropriate parish and Vicariate meetings and functions.  This position serves as a member of the parish staff and cooperates with the pastor and staff in working for the good of the entire parish.

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Faith Formation Secretary

10 month Part-Time Position (19 hours per week) 
Monday evenings are required during the school year/some weekends and evenings are required

Holy Name Faith Formation, Birmingham, MI, seeks a Faith Formation Secretary. The candidate assists the Director of Faith Formation in the daily operations of this department. The candidate must have excellent written and oral communication skills, a high level of attention to detail, the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced office, ability to operate office equipment, a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Parish Soft/Connect Now, bookkeeping and record keeping skills. The candidate must have a collaborative approach to ongoing professional growth.

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Archbishop of Detroit condemns family separation at border

Archbishop of Detroit Allen H. Vigneron on Wednesday released the following statement, condemning the separation of children from their parents at the U.S./Mexico border:

“We have a broken immigration system, one that separates children from their parents. This is wrong and cannot be tolerated, as it traumatizes and damages the youngest, most vulnerable among us.

“Failures in the system are not particular to the current administration; they go back many years. It is time our elected officials work together to accomplish two goods: ensuring the security of our borders and, at the same time, treating all people with the respect and dignity to which they are entitled as children of God.”

In addition, the archbishop appeared Tuesday on Michigan Radio’s Stateside program, addressing our “broken” immigration system.

This interview came on the heels of a statement released last week by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, rejecting the practice of family separation. This statement was covered widely by various media outlets.

Archbishop Vigneron has previously spoken publicly about the need for Christian, humane approaches to immigration. Last year, he spoke at a St. Patrick’s Day Mass about the importance of treating all newcomers with dignity. In 2016, he referred to family separation as a “fundamental wrong” that must be avoided. His statement that year coincided with the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Memorial of St. Juan Diego.