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Here you will find Frequently asked questions and their answers. Keep checking back as new questions and answers are added..


Question: Concerns, and suggestions have been expressed about the criteria being used  to make this decision. It has been suggested by many of you, that some of the things we need to consider in the decision-making process are marketability of each property, cost of repairs, buildings, etc.

Answer: It would be helpful for you to know that part of our budget process each year includes a close look at the cost of maintaining our buildings and all operating costs including heat, water, and electric. This last September, as part of that normal, annual process, the Parish  did a full comprehensive study of all buildings with an outside firm to get the actual condition of boilers, roofs, and all structure, etc., including the parking lots. These studies were recently given to an architect who will consider the current conditions of each site and necessary repairs and needed modifications to provide us with a vision of each site's current and future needs. This will help us in the decision process.

Question: Many repairs will be needed at either site chosen. Many of you have pointed this out and wondered how we will pay for the repairs. 

Answer: The proceeds from the sale of the site that is ultimately closed will fund the repairs and improvements of the remaining site. 

Question:     Many questions and comments were received regarding the St. Clement Cemetery.
Answer:   The St. Clement Cemetery is on a separate parcel of land and will remain functioning regardless of which site is chosen.

Question:   There have been many questions regarding the need to consolidate to one site if the debt will be paid off.

Answer:  While the debt will almost be paid off with the sale of the school, the 2012 debt repayment plan submitted by the Parish to the Archdiocese was accepted with the stipulation that the parish must consider a reduction to one site if weekly collections are not adequate to maintain two sites, including current operating costs and ongoing maintenance and repairs. As reflected by the weekly collections reported in the offertory section of the bulletin, it has been determined that maintaining two sites is not realistic. 

Question:  Concerns were also brought up regarding seniors and those who may not have adequate transportation to and from Mass each week.

Answer:  Thank you for your concerns regarding those parishioners who may not have transportation to and from mass.  The team is taking all concerns into consideration when making the decision as to which site will remain open.  These may include possible new ministries to address this issue and any other additional issues that may come up.

Question:     Many questions and comments were received related to the sale of the St. Clement School building as being an indication that a decision has been made, and that the St. Clement site is more marketable and will be sold. More clarification has been asked.

Answer:  We can see how there could be some confusion. As stated in Fr. Bob’s letter, there has been NO decision made by either the parish or the Archdiocese as to which site will remain open. Ultimately, this is a parish decision. Talks are ongoing regarding the sale of the school property which is a separate parcel from the church and cemetery. Within the talks, provisions will be made to allow St. Mary to use the parking lot and school building as needed.  Thus, the parish will retain the flexibility to select whichever site is determined to be the best situation to be fiscally sound to continue the Lord’s mission.

Question:     Concerns were raised regarding the discrepancy in the balance remaining on the debt after the sale of the school.

Answer:  Another excellent question. Unfortunately, some lines of the letter were omitted by the publisher from the Bulletin version. As in any real estate sale there are costs that are incurred such as brokerage fees, land survey, etc...  These costs will need to come out of the sale price of the property which will leave a remaining debt of approximately $200, 000.


We appreciate your interest in this difficult process.  We will continue to address your question and concerns in future bulletins and on our Website. Further question or concerns can be sent to [email protected] or place them in the Gold boxes in the churches.

We ask for your continuing input and prayers as Our Journey continues….

Fr. Bob and Our Journey Transition Team

St. Mary, Our Lady Queen of Families pray for us.