Our Journey - Debt is Paid-in full!

Our Journey

Well, it has been a long time since we have had an update on our journey. We apologize for that. We now have some big news to share.

In February 2020, we sold the St. Clement School Building to the National Heritage Academy. With this sale, we were able to pay off our Michigan Catholic Conference debt and almost half of our larger Archdiocese loans. We are using the remainder of these proceeds to pay for the office and meeting space renovations.

In January 2021, we sold the Marilyn Street house. With this sale, we were able to pay off the smaller of our Archdiocese loans. This only left the larger of the two AOD loans.

In October we finalized the sale of the St. Dorothy property to the Macomb Intermediate School District. With the completion of this sale, we are now DEBT FREE! Our larger AOD loan has now been paid in full!



With the parish debt reduction donations since 2011, you have helped make regular payments to these loans of about $8000 per month. God bless you!

We now have a nice “nest egg” of about $450,000! This money will be allocated for deferred maintenance. This includes repairs to our bell tower, arches, roofs, and other repairs that may come about in the future.

We would like to thank you, our family, for your generosity to the parish. Because of you, we are able to continue our mission to evangelize and spread the Gospel message.

~The Our Journey Team