Worship Commission


 The Worship Commission is responsible for guiding the continuing liturgical renewal of the parish, which is a communion centered on the Eucharist. It serves the parish by providing opportunities for liturgical education, by preparing the liturgical celebrations, and through mystagogical reflection evaluating these celebrations.The commission participates in the call for evangelization by its witness of sharing Christ with others through liturgical worship. In addition, it serves as the liaison for relations with other christian and non-christian churches and religious bodies.


Since the liturgy is the "source and summit" (SC 11) of the christian life, the commission needs to be actively and directly connected and concerned with all aspects of parish life, including ecumenism. he commission collaborates with the parish Pastoral Council, other parish commissions, the Vicariate Worship Commission and the Archdiocesan Office for Christian Worship. It develops and establishes objectives to realize and accomplish parish and Archdiocesan goals and ecclesiastical norms in the area of liturgy and parish worship. It proposes and submits its priorities and budget to the Parish Pastoral Council and developes and oversees a program of evaluation of its own work as well as that of parish liturgical life. The primary task of the commission is in the areas of liturgy and ecumenism. This work includes education, worship and administrative responsibilities.


 Host a Mass once a month geared to families.
 With the start of a new liturgical year, incorporate music into the liturgy that is easy to sing for young children.
 Hold a Mass of Explanation annually for families to learn about the history and importance of the liturgy in their faith lives.

 (take from Parish Vicariate and Archdiocesan Councils Handbook)


If you would like to join the commission or  help in one of their many projects, please contact,...

                         the Parish Council.