St. Clement Cemetery

Since the 1850’s St. Clement Cemetery has been a comforting and stable presence in Center Line consisting of a peaceful oasis in the city. Located on Engleman, east of Van Dyke Ave., we are a private Catholic Cemetery Dedicated to the sanctity  and dignity of your deceased loved ones.

St. Clement Cemetery is an inspirational place in the truest sense of a traditional cemetery. Dozens of private family headstones can be seen throughout the grounds, interspersed with towering oaks and maples. Many of them honor multiple generations of Center Line and Warren area families. Visitors to St. Clement Cemetery will also see an impressive assortment of individual memorials erected from the 19th century. The beautiful landscape epitomizes grace and dignity. That’s why St. Clement Cemetery remains a compassionate final resting place and will be so for many more generations to come.

We continue to serve the community as we have many plots, niches and a few crypts still available.

You can access our Online Burial Search at: http://stclement.macomb.govern.com/

Office Hours ... Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Cemetery Main Gate open 9:00am - 4:00pm every day