Christian Service Commission


The Christian Service Commission exists as a model of Catholic social teaching to enable the entire parish community to put the social teaching pf the Church into action. The commission empowers the members of the parish to fulfill the Church's mission of love, justice, freedom, and peace ynder the mantle of evangelization by communally responding, in an organizes way, to societal and individual needs. The commission creates and/or promotes programs that strive to address human needs and achieve justice whether locally or in the broader communities of vicariate, region, archdiocese, state, nation and world.


The Christian Service Commission actualizes the social teaching of the church by fulfilling specific, educational, and ministerial, administrative responsibilities.


 Host an annual family-centered Christian Service event, such as making rosaries for the missions.
 Host a monthly family movie night, featuring the life of a saint known for social justice.
 Host a family-centered soup supper, with activity booths focusing on mission work, legislative issues, and parish Christian Service activities that encourage family participation.

(taken from the Parish Vicariate and Archdiocesan Councils Handbook)


If you would like to join the commission or help in one of their many projects, please contact...

                                               Margo Pennefather           586-756-3999         mepenne@yahoo.com