Christian Education Commission


The Education Commission assists, promotes and supports parishioners in understanding that the entire parish community has responsibility for participating i the evangelization and teaching mission of Jesus entrusted to the church. The commission's reponsibilities include developing, promoting and evaluating programs that address all aspects of education ans evangelization, in cooperation with archdiocesan and parish staff.


The Education Commission is responsible for seeing that the parish community's teaching mission is addressed in ways that assist each individual to grow in faith throughout their life.

Through the commission's committees, it determines programs that promote and support total parish education and formation. The commission supports the parish professional staff in working toward that goal.


 Host seasonal family nights, with food, songs, prayer, and activities for children of all ages that focus on the history and traditions of the Catholic faith.
 Host a parent workshop each September on children’s faith development.
 Write a weekly article for the bulletin, reflecting on how the Sunday readings may be applied to family life.

 (taken from the Parish Vicariate and Archdiocesan Councils Handbook)


If you would like to join the commission or  help in one of their many projects, please contact,...

Michael Wojciechowski, Education Commission Chairman through the parish office.