Cemetery Rules

You can access our Online Burial Search at: http://stclement.macomb.govern.com/


In order to maintain and improve the beauty and uniform appearance of St. Clement Cemetery, to provide a dignified resting place for those buried there, and to create an atmosphere of peace and consolation for visitors, it is necessary to establish the following rules and regulations.  New regulations shall be adopted from time to time as deemed necessary by the Cemetery Management.  Such regulations shall apply to all purchases of graves and rights of burial whether prior or subsequent to their adoption.



VISITING HOURS: The cemetery gates are opened daily from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Visitation before or after hours is not permitted.

 All work on grave repair, removals and memorials will be completed under the supervision of the cemetery management and in such manner as management deems necessary for the orderly operation of the cemetery.

 *Pets of any kind (leashed or unleashed) are NOT permitted at any time in the cemetery.

 In compliance with the State of Michigan and the Archdiocese of Detroit, the cemetery side gate nearest to the school parking lot will remain locked throughout the school year. It will be unlocked only during holidays and summer months when school is not in session.


All grave markers placed in this cemetery must be of granite with pencil round edges with a thickness of 4 inches.  Bronze markers (including veteran markers) must be attached to a granite or concrete base provided by the monument manufacturer.  All carvings, inscriptions, epitaphs, etc must be of a religious nature and must be approved by the cemetery management prior to installation. Names placed on memorials must conform exactly to cemetery records.  The maximum size of a single marker is 24 x 12 inches and the maximum size for a double marker is 36 x 12 inches.  All markers must be set flush with the ground.  We no longer accept upright or slanted upright monuments or markers.   Markers received after Nov. 15 will not be set until weather permits in the spring. Any repair needed for headstones and markers are the sole responsibility of the family and /or heirs of the deceased.




Any approved articles placed on any lot is done so at PERSONAL RISK. The Cemetery will NOT replace any article that is removed, damaged or stolen for any reason.

Fresh cut flowers are permitted. The planting of Low Growing flowers that are 1 foot in height are also permitted.  All must be placed in the area above the grave marker which measures 1 foot by 3 feet.

Vigil Lights are allowed through out the year. We are NOT responsible if they are damaged or lost.

A flag may be placed at a Veteran’s grave BETWEEN Memorial and Veterans Days.

Artificial decorations are not permitted (except for floral decorations at mausoleum site only). During the Christmas season (Nov. 15 through Mar. 15) ONLY WREATHS ARE PERMITTED.  ALL OTHER CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS AND GRAVE BLANKETS ARE NOT PERMITTED AND WILL BE REMOVED.

All statues, crosses, tablets, glass containers, bird or animal replicas, windmills, bird houses, cans and bottles, benches and floral plastic signs (Mom, Dad, etc.), planting of trees and new shrubs, bushes, fences, decorative rocks, loose stones, plant hangers, and edging of any kind are not permitted and will be removed.

The cemetery management will replace in a timely manner, when weather permits, any grass that is torn up during a burial, and will correct  any grave markers that lifts, shifts or sinks.