St. Mary Coronavirus FAQ

Coronavirus FAQs!

Updated 5/25/2020

Is there mass?
Masses will resume May 30, 2020

Are events, such as the soup suppers, still taking place?
No. All non-liturgical events at the Parish are cancelled until further notice.

Is there confession?
Confession will resume May 30 at 3:00pm 

What about the Sunday collection?
If you are still unable to return to in-person mass, please continue to support your church by sending your envelopes by mail to the office (12255 Frazho Rd., Warren, MI 48089), bringing them in to the Parish Office, or consider donating online. The link is on the home page of our Parish Website (
Will my mass intention still be said?
All mass intentions for the weeks we were closed were said by Father Bauer during his private services. If you would like, we can reschedule your intention for a date in the future.

Is the Parish Office open?
The office will reopen June 8, Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 3:00pm

Are we still taking communion to the sick?
Communion will be taken to nursing homes, hospitals, or private homes if it is an emergency on a per need basis.

Where can I watch mass on TV?
The Archdiocese of Detroit will livestream mass on or on their Facebook Page at Noon on Sunday. Also, you can watch Sunday mass on Fox 2 at 6:00 am on Sunday morning and on CTND at 5:30 pm on Sunday evening. Please see for more information.

How can I pray with my Parish Community?
We encourage you to say daily prayers for the sick, and all intentions of the church.
If you have other questions not on this list, please call the parish office! We're here to help!